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Tata Xenon

November 14, 2007

Tata is launching a pickup truk based on tata 207.  Usually pickup trucks are the second or third cars for normal US families but for an average indian an “automobile” is always singular (one cycle, one bike, one car !!!) . Not sure how indian market will react to these pickups. Seen below is a $25,000 chevy silverado and our indian counterpart.



[Source: Autoblog and team-bhp]

ixigo vs cleartrip

July 7, 2007

Ixigo posted a response to my blog here. It sounded to be a very honest post so i went out to check their claim. I checked the fare for chennai-bangalore roundtrip for four adults in both as well as Ixigo has stood up to what they said. They are cheaper, although by a measely 58 rupees. But the real winner i guess is cleartrip….you know why? because is easy to pronounce and remember. Imagine how it will be if i spell i-x-i-g-o-dot-com over phone to someone? They will never ever get to that site.

Folks, naming is not a joke. We have done thousands of online tech support sessions over the web and it is so so hard when we start spelling out a-d-v-e-n-t-n-e-t dot com over phone. It goes like A for adam, d for dog blah blah blah. Now think ixigo…i for indico x for ???? Ufff forget it.


multiply 3248 by 4 to get the total cost (Rs.12,992.)


Safari browser for windows

June 15, 2007

Apple has released their Safari browser that runs on Windows. (you don’t know about safari? dont worry… 96% of the world doesn’t know! only steve jobs and MACintosh users know such a thing exists)I admire Apple for their User Interface. They pour a lot of soul and heart into every micro thing in the UI that makes working with their product so cool. Be it the white screens of the MAC or the one button interface of the iphone….they have their products imprinted with that “THIS IS NOT AN ORDINARY STUFF LOOK”.Safari Browser That typical apple swipe-in dialog box ! am loving it! 

Aambal aambal – Sivaji lyrics

June 10, 2007

Vairamuthu has penned two songs for Sivaji movie – sahana and vaaji vaaji. In both songs he has used some cool tamil words. I got the meaning of sahana from my colleagues. Sahana is the name of a raaga (no wonder i didnt know it). But no one knew the meaning for aambal. But my mum seems to know the meaning. She says aambal is a lotus kind of water borne flower. It blooms seeing the moon (similar to how lotus blooms seeing the sun) and it has long roots which can be twisted to make a garland kind of thing. modified

May 17, 2007

I noticed that has changed a bit. The web|images| etc has moved to the top. Also when you getinto the search there’s a grey band like thing. Hmm the face of a multi-billion dollar tool gets only a little makeup? This is one place where “clean” ranks higher than “beauty”


Usability issue in inox ticket booking page

March 10, 2007

Had a funny experience while browsing the inox website for booking a ticket. This is what hapend to me. I chose the “choose by movie” option.

  1. selected the date
  2. selected the movie
  3. now i have to select the theatre – but chennai is not listed in the theatre list….

(fyi am living in chennai) i can only book this movie ticket in baroda, kolkata, mumbai etc. Comeon guys you cant expect someone to travel places to see a movie !!. Scrap your “choose by movie”  option or tell me to whom its useful.

Note: If i had continued booking the ticket choosing baroda, will inox deliver that ticket to my address (chennai). Not sure, if they did that, thats the best “customer care” one could expect. See how it would sound – sir heres your ticket for tmrw’s movie – ghost rider – and its booked in baroda!!. Ha ha ha.


TATA Elegante

March 10, 2007

Thats the best front grill i have ever seen on any indian car. Great design. With elegante Tata will fill the gap in its portfolio.

  • sub 4.5 lacs – Indica (fights against santro, alto, zen, getz)
  • 4.5-7.5 lacs  – Indigo (fights against accent, ikon, fiesta, aveo?)
  • 7.5-11 lacs – ?? Elegante (will fight against city, ocativa, civic? )
  • suv – Safari (fights against scorpio, innova)
  • cheap people mover – Sumo (against bolero, tavera)


Photo courtesy

YouTube Test

March 5, 2007

Airtel Mobile Office

February 27, 2007

Am trying to get my airtel mobile office work. After 3 days of continued efforts i still couldn’t figure out how to get this stuff to work.

This is what i believe is the flow

  • You need a phone which supports GPRS.
  • You need a sim which has the mobile office service enabled
  • You need to SMS Airtel (forgot the number) and you will receive the settings via SMS which you need to save. the settings can be viewed from Services->Settings->Connection Settings->MobileOffice.
  • If your phone supports IR or bluetooth you are saved. Otherwise you need to buy a data card DKU-2 or DKU-5 or CA-42 cable for your phone (genuine accessories – 1500 rupees. black market – 150 to 200 rupees. )
  • Install the drivers for the USB cable.
  • Install nokia pc suite
  • Go to start->control panel->phone and modem settings and ADD a new modem
    • Go to modems tab.
    • Click add 
    • Let me choose from list
    • Choose nokia and then choose the phone model or the nokia active phone cable
    • add
  • Now open pc suite and click on phone selecter. You should be able to see your phone model in the screen. If it is not showing then the modem is not installed properly. If it is greyed out, then you are using a noncompatible pc suite. Download the compatible one from nokia site (google nokia pc suite)

Now, i tried all the above and i finally got my phone to talk to my laptop. I could download messages from my phone to my laptop. My nokia pc suite correctly displays my phone number on its bottom. The tray icon shows the pc suite icons in full color without greyed out (ufff i rarely get to see this!) which means pc suite could talk to my phone.

But when i tried to connect to the internet, it tries and then says “failed to connect. ”

I wish i could email an Airtel Staff about this…because i couldnt explain everything over phone. Moreover the staff have become very nervous and consious about the fact that the call is being recorded. Today someone spoke to me and she was very clearly talking to the recording sytem than me “sir you asked about this and i gave you answers for that etc” kind of answers are clearly depicting that.


WorldCup 2007 Venues

February 22, 2007

Beauuuuuuutiful West Indies.
[image courtesy]

Sir Vivian Richards stadium , Antigua & Barbuda

My mobile, my mobile…

February 16, 2007

Mobile cos all over the world are finding innovative ways to prevent mobile theft. Samsung india has launched “Mobile Tracker” a feature which lets your phone to automatically SMS another number (which you should have fed already) whenever a SIM is replaced. But my favorite one, is what Seth Godin has proposed in his blog titled Gil lost his cell.

So here’s my idea. And I don’t even want to wait to patent it and license it… you should just build it.
It’s two credit card sized devices. One goes in my wallet. The other is taped to the back of my phone (or ipod). Whenever they get more than thirty feet apart, they both start whistling like banshees. Is this hard? I don’t think it is. I’d buy one. I’d even pay extra to have it built into the phone itself. Link to seth’s post>

samsung mobile tracker

Kalaigner in engadget !

December 30, 2006

I am a fan of engadget.  Today i was surprised to see Tamilnadu’s DMK supremo Kalaigner featured in So funny. Someone has posted about DMK’s free TV plan.


Upgrading a winner…

November 28, 2006

Upgrading a successful product is a challenge. You can call it a necessary evil. You have to do it to fight competition but there’s a risk of losing your brand value if the upgrade sucks.

This is how some of the indian car companies handled the upgrade.

Skoda Octavia Upgrade
Skoda launched their upgraded Octavia as a new model called Laura. Now both are sold side-by-side in showrooms at different price points.

Honda City
This is the most interesting upgrade of all. They switched models, but retained the brand name. So what is called Honda Fit in other countries is renamed as City in India. And its actually doing very well.

Toyota Qualis Upgrade
Toyata replaced their breadwinner with a superior model – Innova. Qualis was not really facing any fierce competition when it was stopped. Its said to be Toyota’s management culture – offer better products to the consumer no matter whether its a winner or not. Great philosophy but poor execution. Today theres no car to replace the hole created by Qualis. The rented car market will miss the old war horse for ever.

Hyundai Accent Upgrade
Accent was a winner for Hyundai. But competition from all corners forced hyundai to pull back accent and replace it with Verna. Their move to donate 100 accents to tamilnadu police is also said to erode the value of the accent brand – i dont want to be seen in a car thats driven around by police !!.

But why am i writing all this? Because we are going to upgrade one of our winner software product called ManageEngine OpManager. Its been a success and now we are planning to release an upgrade to it. As with all upgrades its the time that will tell whether its a winner strategy or not.

Burnt Laptops….

August 28, 2006

some pics of burnt laptops courtesy poor batteries…

Hotel Luxor, Vegas – From Windows Live Map

August 23, 2006

Was checking out the other functions of Windows Live Map and i found this birds eye view thing very interesting.

Test post from windows live writer

August 23, 2006

Trying the windows live writer…..

this is a test post


London cars: nothing special ….

June 11, 2006

Had a chance to visit london early this month. I used that opportunity to look around the city and see what kind of cars are used. To my surprise lot of the cars look very familiar. Look down the list and you too will be surprised.

  • our very own maruti ALTO
  • the funny nosed SANTRO
  • the costly Getz
  • Opel Astra (its called vouxhall astra)
  • Opel corsa (same vouxhall corsa)
  • Skoda octavia
  • Skoda superb
  • Daewoo Matiz


Orange County Photos

May 16, 2006

Free Image Hosting at

Interop fotos

May 9, 2006

Photos taken at INTEROP show

This is Me






1st sale on show




Few secrets about my las vegas trip

May 8, 2006


We have been on an official trip to las vegas (to attend a tradeshow) and the visit has been real fun. Folks from my office who were with me include AlexdPaul, VJkarthik, Gibu, IC, and Rajesh. Girish joined us from London directly. If you are familiar with adventnet you know how good this group can be.

Now coming to the topic of this post. Oh vegas….wat could i say…amazing place for such short business trips. And to know what we did there scroll down…..






promise me that you are not going to tell any body about this…this could be really interesting stuff








ok here we go


so we have left everything in vegas….