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Google Video

March 3, 2007

Am doing a customer portal prototype for OpManager MSP. Wanted to test how we could embed a video into a HTML page. WordPress is my fav test bed. So here i go… testing a funny spy video shot at my office featuring me and a valentines day baloon!!.


Blogger writes about OpManager MSP

August 10, 2006

Joshua Feinberg has written about OpManager MSP in his blog. His career path is interesting. He bas been a computer reseller in 1989 (uff, i was busy playing in school then) and then later turned into a trainer and now a consultant for service providers. He is offering a computer consulting toolkit which aims at improving the revene of small service providers. Good luck Joshua and thanks for covering us. (i think he has seen this post from CRN – AdventNet offers free unlimited trial of msp software.)


La versione più completa dell’innovativa suite OpManager Manage Engine

March 29, 2006

Well if you can read this you could read this blog post too. Its fully written in Italian language from Stefano Cislaghi, one of our beloved OpManager user. Hey Stefano, bring back that duel language support in our blog. I don't understand what you have said about OpManager….

opmanager user blog

Oh baby we just released OpManager MSP Edition

March 25, 2006

How sweet. As a company it took us several attempts to offer a solid product catering to the MSP (Managed Service Provider) market. It was a technology challenge (probe-server concept working behind firewall over HTTPS) as well a marketing challenge (pricing, positioning it for VARs and System Integrators). Moments back we released our MSP Edition of OpManager and the software is available for trial download at Its a great pleasure that am part of the team that cracked that year long puzzle.

On the flip side, for another 3-4 months we will be facing a support nightmare having to respond to customer round the clock with some of them tearing us apart as they put our software to some real hardcore real-time testing. But thats just part of the life of a software !!! and the most interesting one too. Let me see how good we fair against this challenge.

MSP OpManager

Click here blair, no not there, here, on the right…

March 20, 2006

Blair is one of our active evaluators for our OpManager MSP product and today Raj was teleconferencing with Blair using WebEx (desktop sharing tool – using which you can see the other person’s desktop sitting miles away – normally used in customer support). In the full 2 and half hour session i noticed Raj pointing his fingers all over the screen saying “Click here blair, no not there, here, on the right hand side of that screen, yes correct this one” and so on. [which can’t be seen by Blair!]

When you do something with passion, it shows, right?

Customer Supportimage0011.jpgCustomer SupportCustomer supportimage0008.jpg – free ajax based network monitoring service

March 13, 2006

Opensource experts sourci announced last week about a free service (built on nagios) called

To help reduce losses in revenues caused by down-time of websites, monitoring software and services regularly check the performance of their clients’ web-pages, servers, and networks. “Slow websites cost $25 billion (annually, worldwide) in lost sales. […] This includes more than $21 billion per year lost when users abandon a website because of excessive delays in web page downloads.” according to Zona Research. There are currently many monitoring services and software that help alleviate those problems, but will be the first free monitoring service based on Ajax technology, giving the user full control of the interface. In addition, checks not only the uptime of a website, but its performance as well.

Wow, Daimlyer Crysler Buys OpManager

March 11, 2006

I occasionally peep into our license tool to see who is buying. Today i saw one of my dream companies (dream company not because i want to work there, because they make my dream car – the benz s class) buying OpManager, the network monitoring software developed by us. Wow, Happy network motoring DC.
Benz S Class

Server virtualization tips by Jason Powell

March 8, 2006

Jason is an OpManager user and he is very much a hands-on IT guy. This time he is busy playing around with server virtualization. Good to see that OpManager is also part of the experiment.

Next we’ll move Track-IT, Spy Sweeper, MOM2006, and OpManager into virtual environments on that same physical server.

Jason, atleast a couple of guys here in AdventNet read your blogs (not subscribed via feedburner so we are not one of those 200.). So keep writing and good luck for your server virtualization attempts.

Server Virtualization using vmware free edition