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Audi Quattro Q7 spotted in satyam cinemas

January 25, 2009

Was there at satyam cinemas today to watch slumdog millionaire (what a movie!) and what caught my eye was this…an Audi Quattro Q7. This car costs approx 72 lakhs, comes in 350bhp petrol and 233bhp diesel variants. Audi sold a million cars in 2008 beating recession and in india it helps differentiate millionaires from the rest !!.


Monetizing traffic –

October 28, 2007

I was following after their fabulous launch (they had their launch covered in unusual for such a small car sale site). I was impressed and had even set few alerts too (for palio) . Today i noticed that they have included an interesting payment option. 10 rupees per car detail. Good idea folks. Good luck.



May 21, 2007

Spotted this Aveo (called UVA in India) on tampa-orlando interstate 4. We were driving back from a customer visit. The drive is around 100 miles oneway. We were on a lincoln sedan. Good experience.

Palio Stile

April 5, 2007

Tata-Fiat has launched a low end Palio for the masses. At 1.1 litre (borrowed from UNO) with a 3.5lacs price tag this car is surely going to be a hit. This is better than wagonr, estilo (whack), or high end santro. The mileage is said to be improved. If Tata dealers can do a good job on post-sales service………the king would be back. Good luck Palio. We love you.