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How strong is your car roof?

February 7, 2009

US car cos might have to strengthen their car roofs to hold upto 2.5 times the car weight from the current 1.5 times. According to a study conducted by International Institue of Highway Standards in Virginia, such higher standards could bring down fatalities on a single roll over by 20%. I wonder how strong the cars in india are. The old opel astra we had had a strong roof good enough for my nephews to run over that… but i never allowed them to even press their hands against the roof of my maruti suzuki zen… so strong !!


Mahindra Xylo – ugly beast

January 24, 2009

Its one lakh cheaper than Toyota Innova, but did you look at it head-on? I saw that today and i think it was damn ugly. Looked like a ICML rhino at first shot. The grille position was so small, so low, and was clearly out of place. I think Mahindra designers worked at this car from the back and finished the front design in a hurry ..the back looks good though.


Its a fabia..its a spark….no its Indica Vista !

September 9, 2008

Well if you have been confused with what hatchback to buy, may be you should simply buy the new Indica Vista. Because no matter how many times you explain, people are going to think that you bought a spark, may be a getz, or even a fabia depending on from which side they look at your car. Jokes apart – two serious reasons to consider this car 1) the diesel engine is the same fiet multijet which powers swift diesel 2) this car aint coming in white color so you won’t feel like driving a cab !!!



Harley is coming to india

April 16, 2007

Now you can import a harley in India. The central government is opening up the legal books to enable Indians import harley at 60% import duty (earlier it was 120% or more i guess). This is made possible by the central govt which wanted to give back the Americans some courtesy for importing our mangoes for long. So its harley-for-mango!! . Millions of harley enthusiasts in India such as me, would be very happy to see a harley on road (800cc to 1200cc bikes…similar to our small cars on power). And a very few gifted ones will actually get a chance to own one. Anyway thankyou mangoes!!


 Update: Tried a cartoon on the above subject.


Palio Stile

April 5, 2007

Tata-Fiat has launched a low end Palio for the masses. At 1.1 litre (borrowed from UNO) with a 3.5lacs price tag this car is surely going to be a hit. This is better than wagonr, estilo (whack), or high end santro. The mileage is said to be improved. If Tata dealers can do a good job on post-sales service………the king would be back. Good luck Palio. We love you.




Jaguar & Landrover outsource their IT to an MSP

March 15, 2007

Managed services business is growing at a super fast rate as it helps IT managers in large companies stay focussed on their top IT priorities and  leave out the chores such as this [Since June 2005, LCS have processed 9,500 assets for Jaguar and Land Rover, including laptops and PCs] and this [Vista upgrade] to managed service providers.

Anyway, lets hope that Jaguar and landrover continue to produce inspirational automobiles without worrying too much about IT. And someone tell Jaguar to change its face. It doesnt qualify for a WOW.



Ford sells aston martin to UK co

March 13, 2007

Aston Martin, the only known UK auto brand has finally returned home. If the name doesnt sound a bell, remember those cars in old James bond movies? thats aston martin. Ford bought this brand from the original Aston Martin Lagonda Limited, a warwickshire, england company in 1994. After a decade ford has sold the brand back to an UK company called prodrive which belongs to Dave Richards for $848 million.  Welcome home Aston.


TATA Safari

March 12, 2007

If you are a joint family and if you need to carry around bunch of folks for long distances….then you may consider safari. Dicor engine, 12kmpl, and a low price tag (compared to scorpio) of around 7-8 lacs (after discounts…not the exshowroom price) are the plus.



Car that swims

March 10, 2007

An engineer at heart in kerala modified his maruti800 so that it can sail/drive? on water. See pics. I wish him all success. Image courtesy



Aveo Hatch – Rs 3.99 lacs

December 28, 2006

GM India has launched the Aveo Hatch. Looks cool.


Ford Fiesta Accident

December 19, 2006

Got to see this post on Someone driving his fiesta from chennai to banglore got into trouble when a two-wheeler guy came into this lane. He has hit the brakes hard only to hit the median and then bounce back into the left side bar. Full story >


TVS Auto -Competitor for Tata’s 1 Lakh car?

December 12, 2006

Got these pics in an email. Not sure if this is true.
But Tata would be sad to see this !!!!
It looks better than Reva……


Zen Estilo

December 7, 2006

In my earlier post on upgrading a winner we saw different strategies on upgrading a car. Of the lot my favorite strat was to retain the name and offer a different product – as done by Honda. Now maruti is trying to walk the same path. They have retained the brand ZEN and are trying to offer a new car (called MRWagon in other countries).

Here are some pics and video


Tata Safari Dicor

November 30, 2006

Interesting to see automobile cos advertising through email !Got this one today from CIOL.

Most Reliable Cars

November 21, 2006

CNN money reports about a tussle between Mercedes and the Consumer Reports survey which gave poor ratings for Mercedes for reliability.

But the most interesting part is that Toyota and Honda stand out as the winner in almost all categories. Checkout the rating here.

For the 2007 edition of its New Car Preview, Consumer Reports surveyed its six million subscribers about what serious problems they had with the cars they own. Some 1.3 million responded and the results weren’t good for Mercedes-Benz.

Source: Consumer Reports’ Most Reliable | 4 | CNNMoney

Tata begins trials of Rs. 1-lakh car

November 20, 2006

How to get a share of two-wheeler market without making two-wheelers?

Ask Tata Motors, for they are going to show you how.  Their Rs 1 Lakh car project is slowly coming to life…. and when it does a lot of customers from bajaj, hero honda, and tvs will be confused whether to shell out Rs 60,000 for a bike or Rs1,00,000 for a car !!!

Tata Motors has commenced ‘in-factory’ trials of its upcoming small car, widely referred to as the Rs 1-lakh car.
The company has five prototypes ready and these are being tested currently at the Pune facility, Ravi Kant, MD pf Tata Motors, said here on Thursday.

Source: Business Standard

Ford net loss widens to $5.8 billion – Oct. 23, 2006

October 23, 2006

My goodness…i feel sorry for Ford. Looks like they are never going to make it again. $5.8 billion net loss on a single quarter? Thats the combined revenue of big three IT guys in India (aprox – TCS, Infy, Wipro at $2b each). Good bye folks. If you ever turn around, it would be the best U turn of the millenium !! 

Ford Website

Link to Ford net loss widens to $5.8 billion – Oct. 23, 2006

New Zen

October 20, 2006

Maruti phased out the jelly-bean (or belly jean?!!) design zen early this year. Now there are solid evidences that maruti is bringing in its MR Wagon from japan as the new ZEN. Got some pics from

Renault’s Twingo Concept comes with TV, Internet, in-car-pc…

October 6, 2006



Link to Motor Authority » Renault’s high-tech Twingo Concept

Balloon Marketing – Seth’s view

September 28, 2006

Last week i happened to be in New Jersey and while strolling down the lane we came across few car dealers who have tied up helium balloons to the cars on the display. Today i saw a post by Seth Godin who has shared his view on Why ballon marketing. Read it here.

pics of cars with balloons…