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Kumarakom – God’s land of wall papers

September 14, 2008

I think when God is not working his computer would be automatically zoomed to kumarakom to serve as screensaver. Here are some photos taken during our MSP Center team trip (click on the image)

In Atlanta

April 1, 2008

Hi everybody, by God’s grace and wishes from loved ones i recovered and am right now in MSP Alliance show in Atlanta. Thanks for your wishes.


Prediction: Mobile number as username

February 14, 2008

Am going to write a series of predictions….things that i wish /envisage to happen in future. Heres the #1. Before 2010 you will see mobile numbers as usernames in business critical applications such as salesforce, google, zoho, or managengine kind of products. Very similar to how emails have replaced plain text, on usernames, phone numbers will replace email ids.


AdventNet India Meeting

February 9, 2008

Our CEO Sridhar Vembu addressed the AdventNet India team on our annual company meeting (festival?). This time our folks had arranged the meeting on the terrace to emphasize what we believe  – sky is the limit. Ten years back we were known as the SNMP company, later IT mgmt software company, today online office company and who knows may be tomorrow we could Mobile software company…sky is the limit !!


My birthday…

December 7, 2007

Dear spiderman, suddenly i could realize how difficult it is for you to have a web stuck all over your body. My friends briefly held me in that position today for my birthday.


In florida…without baggage

May 8, 2007

Reached florida today after almost 33hours of starting from madipakkam, chennai. Uff. Whether its BA or AirIndia, its the same horrible feeling when you get down here. To add to my irritation the BA folks missed my baggage. I was told to pick it up in Florida but it didnt come here too. I should go back tomorrow to pick it up. So am here, in Rosen Plaza Hotel, 9700 international drive, Orlando, Florida (and still acessible via 98407-airtel number) all alone and with no spare dress ! Tmrw i get the bag or buy a dress !! Reminds me of the Tom Hanks movie Terminal !


Update: I got my bag the next day evening, participated in the MSP Alliance tradeshow successfully, met a customer at Tampa and am back to India safely (with baggage). Thanks to all friends who read this post and emailed me!

Pelita Nasi Kandar Chennai

April 9, 2007

Our Malaysian partner was here in chennai for a reseller meet. I had the opportunity to accompany him on his lunch today and we decided to take them to pelita nasi kandar – a Malaysian restaurant at pondy bazaar chennai. I learnt couple of things on this visit. One – meaning for the name of the restaurant. Pelita is a chain of restaurants in Malaysia and Nasi Kandar means a type of meal – which includes fish, chicken etc. Second I had a chance to try a Malaysian type ice cream. Forgot the name. But it was ice shredded to form a heap filled with some sweet sauce and fruits/nuts underneath. I liked it. Thanks pelita.   



Google Video

March 3, 2007

Am doing a customer portal prototype for OpManager MSP. Wanted to test how we could embed a video into a HTML page. WordPress is my fav test bed. So here i go… testing a funny spy video shot at my office featuring me and a valentines day baloon!!.

Blogger writes about OpManager MSP

August 10, 2006

Joshua Feinberg has written about OpManager MSP in his blog. His career path is interesting. He bas been a computer reseller in 1989 (uff, i was busy playing in school then) and then later turned into a trainer and now a consultant for service providers. He is offering a computer consulting toolkit which aims at improving the revene of small service providers. Good luck Joshua and thanks for covering us. (i think he has seen this post from CRN – AdventNet offers free unlimited trial of msp software.)


OpManager MSP covered in CRN India Mag

July 18, 2006

CRN india is the indian arm of Its a fortnightly magazine that covers information technology news related to channel. In the july1st edition an article on how indian MSPs can benefit by offering backend services got published.The article touched about how tools such as OpManager MSP can help someone manage geographically disparate networks from a single console.

And someone you know well wrote that article…guess who?


WordPress as a quick sharing tool

April 11, 2006

[Had to show my mates in US on how a brochure needs to be printed and wordpress came in handy.]

Hi Sunil,

Its a three fold catalog, check if you are printing it in the same manner. See my picture below.

This is the front view of the catalog – size 5.906"width x 11.736" height


This is how it looks when you open it up – size 17.598"width x 11.736" height




Lost an account to HP OpenView, but still happy.

April 4, 2006

One of our customers mailed us a sad news yesterday. They have decided to go with HP OpenView shutting the door for one of our products. Find an excerpt of the mail from the person who evaluated our software where he wished us good luck. HP got a customer, we got a reference!!

Hi Mack

Unfortunately our CEO decided against SD+ for HP OpenView due to the fact that SD+ doesn’t have the flexibility to make the necessary changes to support the way we do call level handling. He preferred the way that OpenView gives much greater flexibility in the way the application is configured. 

I want to thank you and your team for all the help and encouragement. I want you to know that I feel you have a great product and a great approach and I’ll be happy to recommend your product to my associates. 

I wish you all the best in the future.


150 universities use our software

March 31, 2006

It took more than 150 universities to teach us a lesson……

ManageEngine Receives an A Grade From Over 150 Universities Worldwide for IT Management   

Network Management Vendor Emerges as the Preferred IT Management Software for Top Universities and Schools Worldwide   

PLEASANTON, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 29, 2006–AdventNet Inc., the leading provider of affordable network and systems management software, today announced that more than 150 leading universities in the world have selected ManageEngine software to manage their rapidly growing IT infrastructure. The university management solution from ManageEngine includes tools for server monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, application monitoring, wireless monitoring, firewall monitoring, and an integrated helpdesk called ServiceDesk Plus. ManageEngine offers special pricing for all educational institutions. For more details, please visit:   

Universities run some of the biggest IT infrastructure, spanning multiple buildings and thousands of networked devices. With students and research scholars accessing the university's facilities round the clock, IT administrators strive hard to ensure high availability of critical elements 24×7. ManageEngine's feature-rich point product offerings at low prices enable university IT teams to cover critical IT management needs within their budget. With all point products automatically generating tickets into ServiceDesk Plus, IT administrators need only to login into one console daily.   

"With the combination of OpManager and ServiceDesk tracking, logging and reporting on my network infrastructure, I get time to focus on bigger projects in my University," said John Gerhardt, IT Manager, Aiglon College, Switzerland.

"Universities are the forerunners in embracing latest technologies and some have huge and complex networks resembling larger enterprises," said Girish Mathrubootham, Director of Product Management at ManageEngine. "Supporting thousands of students, staff members, and numerous research projects, calls for superior IT delivery. We are happy that our software has been useful to so many institutions in achieving such higher standards," he added.   

Some of the Universities and other educational institutions that use ManageEngine:   

    For a complete list, visit:

About AdventNet

Enabling Management Your Way(TM)

AdventNet provides affordable software in the areas of network applications and database tools. With a broad product portfolio and an active customer base ranging from enterprises, equipment vendors and service providers, AdventNet has emerged as a very affordable and high-quality alternative to expensive software that is common in the industry. AdventNet is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA with offices in NJ, NH, India, UK, China and Japan. It has a well-trained partner base around the globe and thousands of customers world-wide. Visit us at 

La versione più completa dell’innovativa suite OpManager Manage Engine

March 29, 2006

Well if you can read this you could read this blog post too. Its fully written in Italian language from Stefano Cislaghi, one of our beloved OpManager user. Hey Stefano, bring back that duel language support in our blog. I don't understand what you have said about OpManager….

opmanager user blog

AdventNet Fun Project

March 25, 2006

Sridhar, our CEO, is a freedom loving guy and hence he advocates people to always try something that their heart wishes; and thus was born the AdventNet Fun Project idea. This enables any AdventNet employee to try something during specifc office days. The fun project can range anything from getting your hands dirty on a hardware engineering to a simple bulk mail tool such as the one i did (worst example for a fun project?).

Tool Name: MyContacts
What it does?: You can import your contacts email id from an excel/text file and then shoot a HTML email to them.
Build on: PHP, some scripts, apache, mysql


[thats my tool…simple isnt it? you need to login, then import your contact, browse and submit your html file, preview the mail, then shoot to all]
Bulk Mail Sample

[thats one of the sample mail that was sent using my tool…howzaaat?]

Oh baby we just released OpManager MSP Edition

March 25, 2006

How sweet. As a company it took us several attempts to offer a solid product catering to the MSP (Managed Service Provider) market. It was a technology challenge (probe-server concept working behind firewall over HTTPS) as well a marketing challenge (pricing, positioning it for VARs and System Integrators). Moments back we released our MSP Edition of OpManager and the software is available for trial download at Its a great pleasure that am part of the team that cracked that year long puzzle.

On the flip side, for another 3-4 months we will be facing a support nightmare having to respond to customer round the clock with some of them tearing us apart as they put our software to some real hardcore real-time testing. But thats just part of the life of a software !!! and the most interesting one too. Let me see how good we fair against this challenge.

MSP OpManager

Email tricks #1 – Let your first line speak

March 22, 2006

I have a passion for writing emails that work. I take extra care while replying and try to convey it in the SHORTEST possible time. If you are in a profession that involves lot of emails (customer support, marketing, marcom) you might find this useful. Here’s my email trick #1.

Email trick #1: Cut the crap and let you first line speak

You need to understand that human mind just scans the content and in many cases doesn’t even READ the mail. Moreover you are replying to the busiest person in the world (everybody thinks he is the busiest!) so better take lesser time. Here’s a reply that i got today from Zoho Creator (online tool that lets you build form based applications in notime) team for a  request i made.

The reply from zoho creator:

Dear Dev,

Thanks for your feedbacks on Zoho Creator and it really helps us in improving Zoho Creator. Regarding Export option for data, we are already working on it and this will be available in next immediate update. You can export data to some standard file formats like xls,csv,tsv.


The reply after applying the email trick #1

Its coming! You will be able to export your data to excel from next release onwards.


Click here blair, no not there, here, on the right…

March 20, 2006

Blair is one of our active evaluators for our OpManager MSP product and today Raj was teleconferencing with Blair using WebEx (desktop sharing tool – using which you can see the other person’s desktop sitting miles away – normally used in customer support). In the full 2 and half hour session i noticed Raj pointing his fingers all over the screen saying “Click here blair, no not there, here, on the right hand side of that screen, yes correct this one” and so on. [which can’t be seen by Blair!]

When you do something with passion, it shows, right?

Customer Supportimage0011.jpgCustomer SupportCustomer supportimage0008.jpg

Importance of talking to your users

March 16, 2006

Marco Campos, works as a network manager at an ISP. I emailed him few days back to check how he uses one of our software. I must say folks like marcos are really cool people to work with. Though the software doesn’t work the way he expected he came back saying what he actually was looking for. Thank you marcos, we are coming to surprise you with what you were longing for.

We presently use several monitoring applications like WhatsUp, Nagios, etc. and we’re looking for something easier to use and network aware (auto-detect changes on configured devices), do monitoring, usage graphs (interfaces, cpu, free ram, etc.)..

Also we look for an application with a console/viewing mode were all can see a summary of outages and eventually acknowledge a fault, assigning automatically to him a task to fix that fault so you can know who acknowledged the fault and is working on it.

your software didn’t seemed quite what I was looking for, so for know we’ll continue to use our old tools.

Marcos campos' 2 yr old daughter macknik
(this is marcos’ 2 yr old daughter mackink)

Its easy, tell the scenario first

March 15, 2006

Senthilnath, our usability engineer for Active Directory Manager Plus, came up with this neat ad for introducing the product.

In a world of conversations its hard to make someone read your brochure or website. In less than 30seconds if you have to tell about your product (software in our case) better tell the scenario in which the product will be useful. The more closer your scenario is, to the real world pains, the more the user will trust you and try you.