One reason why we need nano

A car hit me yesterday n ran away. I was on d left side, had helmet, driving slow, road was empty, bright day time ….but still he hit me. may b he was drunk. ratan give me d nano now. [kalyan, shyam – its ur turn…now u can laugh at me!]



8 Responses to “One reason why we need nano”

  1. Shyam Says:

    Felt shocked to see you like this. Wish you a speedy recovery! Take care!

    P.s. it ain’t funny to laugh about!

  2. Chithra Says:

    Dear Brother,

    Whenever I feel upset and boring the only thing I do is just log on to ur blogs ( U no why it used to make me feel so proud of having a younger brother whom our Almighty God blessed with so much brain and love. and used to wonder at the way u write those five to six lines of intelligent comments about everything that happens in and around the world and more than anything seeing your pictures used to make me feel that you are very close to me no matter how far i am from u and our parents, BUT TODAY TO C U IN THIS CONDITION REALLY BROUGHT UNBEARABLE PAIN AND TEARS TO MY HEART AND EYES. pls remember u r God’s Gift to us. Pls take care. We love u da thambi. Get well soon. We smile when u really smile from ur heart with joy not with pain in heart and body. Love u.
    With prayers,
    Chithrakka and family

  3. Chithra Says:

    Dear Mama,

    We all pray that u Get well soooooooooon.

    Joshua Manuel
    Johnson Manuel
    Ivan Eric
    Renny Nixon
    Olivia John
    Ida Eric
    Richard Nixon
    and the little one who is yet to come out

  4. vijay shankar Says:

    Boss ! !
    Yenna idhu ! ! You are workin in this condition. You should never strain in this condition.

    Take care ! Get well soon !

    wish you quick revival….
    From Team

  5. Prathees.R Says:


    The pictures that you use in your blogs have always been catchy, but this one is really shocking.

    Take care n don’t strain much.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    with prayers,

  6. amith Says:

    Dev, Shocking…

    Used to visit your blog frequently, but couldnt comeback for this few days coz of some busy schedule… and when I came in to see this post of yours… I cursed my instinct :(…

    Take care Dev… Hope you are back as good as new…

  7. devanand Says:

    Amith, prathees, vijay, sis, kutties, shyam, my team, friends who visited home with sweets, dear colleagues, everyone who offered wishes and prayers, and people who passed on my foto just for fun, people who inquired more about my bike than me, people who remembered their accidents seeing my photo, sweet enemies, the car guy who hit me, and my beloved bike who suffered minor bruises but took care of me. folks, am happy to say that am looking better now. thanks for your support.

  8. Miss. Olivia John Says:

    “Mams pls come to my home soon ” – Olivia John

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