Yamaha Rx 100 – the bike to rely on for life !

Clicked this one from a news paper. Yamaha guys can make an ad out of this pic. Yamaha – the bike to rely on for life !!!!! (alex – if you got a better tag line….post it.)


12 Responses to “Yamaha Rx 100 – the bike to rely on for life !”

  1. rajiv Says:

    i’d like to know more about the photo

  2. mohammed basheer Says:

    its a wonderful pic ,great work thanks for the pic , i am bash(rocky) i love yamaha bikes anybody can forward me best pics of bike on bash_rockky@yahoo.co.in ,thanks…………………….

  3. Tom Josw Says:

    Here is my comment on this photo.

    This is very excellent….

    I can give to yamaha people a comment like this

    1: Yamaha …. a life to earth again..
    2: Yamaha …… a account of life
    3: yamaha … a smell of real life
    4: yamaha …. making it from reality
    5: yamaha .. small but making me enlarged
    6: Yamaha .. A real savior on wild roads..
    7: Yamaha .. a true feeling of safe speed.. on rash roads
    8: yamaha .. small but makes smile on face..when you drive it..

    If some one found my above caption are good..which can be good for company caption …then please gift me a yamaha bike which is my dream of life.

    09823 664 613.

  4. anuroop.c.s Says:

    YaMahA ::: BIgGiES CAnT BEaT .


  5. jawa Says:


  6. vipins john Says:

    rx 100 s really a best bike in its catogory,, i hav two bikes n i lov it,, they are my partners in eveery journey,,,

  7. Rajesh Says:


  8. Dayal Says:

    yamaha is known for fast
    yamaha rocks on the road

  9. Ravinder Says:

    I took a test drive of RX – 100 and decided within 01 hours to bought it. But unfortunately after some time it was checkout from market

  10. Marky Says:

    Great pic I Hope nothing happen to that Guy because yamaha is Saviour

  11. "A7oak" Says:

    u need
    yamaha is the on3 4 u……….

  12. Appurva Pttni Says:

    I have 1988 Model – YAMAHA-RX-100 ….only one word to say..i belive you….i love my bike like anything n it is belong to my like…. Great pic man…

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