ixigo vs cleartrip

Ixigo posted a response to my blog here. It sounded to be a very honest post so i went out to check their claim. I checked the fare for chennai-bangalore roundtrip for four adults in both ixigo.com as well as cleartrip.com. Ixigo has stood up to what they said. They are cheaper, although by a measely 58 rupees. But the real winner i guess is cleartrip….you know why? because cleartrip.com is easy to pronounce and remember. Imagine how it will be if i spell i-x-i-g-o-dot-com over phone to someone? They will never ever get to that site.

Folks, naming is not a joke. We have done thousands of online tech support sessions over the web and it is so so hard when we start spelling out a-d-v-e-n-t-n-e-t dot com over phone. It goes like A for adam, d for dog blah blah blah. Now think ixigo…i for indico x for ???? Ufff forget it.


multiply 3248 by 4 to get the total cost (Rs.12,992.)


14 Responses to “ixigo vs cleartrip”

  1. Jitesh Says:

    Hmm .. interesting observation dude ! Cleartrip is super-cool for sure – always loved it.

    But I tried iXiGO today as well … Surely their prices cant beat anyone else’s – neither can their speed. On some sectors, the difference per adult was huge – upwards of 200 Rupees. I wouldnt use cleartrip if it means they rip me off consistently.

    I think iXiGO’s only drawback is that they dont do any bookings on their site, so I have to start my travel search with them but do a booking on someone else’s portal. I dont mind following this process if I am a price sensitive customer. Maybe that’s why they have the tagline saying travel search begins here etc.

    As far as names go – I dont think it’s harder to remember than orkut, flickr or youtube – if people didnt know them, they wouldnt know how to pronounce or spell them either. Web 2.0 names are always different – let’s seeif it works out in India too. Once a name becomes popular, it should hardly matter.

    So, let’s see how iXiGo evolves in the next few months to be a better judge. The lesson for cleartrip is, despite having the coolest interface, one cannot be complacent on pricing or comprehensiveness (cleartrip has only 8 or 9 airlines – goair added only in May/June).

  2. iXiGO.com Says:

    Dear adventnet and Jitesh,

    We would just like to clarify that this comparison doesnt make sense since cleartrip is an online travel agency while we are a travel search engine – cleartrip will never show you prices on Yatra or IndiaTimes, but we will.

    To put things in perspective, we would ideally want consumers to have the ability to search and compare cleartrip against makemytrip, yatra, travelguru and airline sites before they make qualified booking decisions, but cleartrip chose to deny us access to their content, since that would dilute their ability to push deals that make pure commercial sense to them.

    Thanks for feedback about our name. We do know that some people find it difficult to spell, however the majority of our users find it easy to remember and spell, which is why we chose to stick to it.

    Team iXiGO

  3. Hrush Says:

    Jitesh–trust me, there is no complacency at Cleartrip. We’ve just been very focused on the launch of our new hotel search.

    With respect to prices, sometimes we’re the lowest, other times it will be someone else. That’s just the way this industry works and that’s the reason we’ve never claimed or guaranteed that we will always be the cheapest. We do not believe we can reliably make that promise and we’d rather not make false claims.

    We do, however, guarantee that Cleartrip is the easiest place to search AND book your travel.

    With respect to Ixigo, we chose to deny access for a variety of reasons–we work very hard on our search results, our pricing and our products. All of that costs us real money and time to build. We don’t see why we should just give all of this away for free to Ixigo or anyone other than our customers and users.

    And the “diluting our ability to push deals that make pure commercial sense to us” went sraight over my head. How does our participation with Ixigo impact our deals? Ixigo or not, the deals available on Cleartrip will always be the same.

    We had various conversations with Ixigo and we clearly explained why we did not want to be a part of their site. It’s too bad Team Ixigo is making it sound like something else.

  4. iXiGO.com Says:

    Dear Hrush,

    Firstly, our comment was not intended to make it sound offensive in any way for Cleartrip, so we want to make sure what we wrote is taken in the right spirit.

    The reasons we got from you during conversations were not as clear as your comment puts it, and had more to do with brand-dilution and your own efforts to brand/market your product/deals – that’s exactly what we meant when we said the part within quotes. If showing your prices/deals/products against those of your competitors/suppliers didnt make strategic/commercial sense – we respect that.

    Coming to “we work very hard on our search results, our pricing and our products” – well, so do all the other portals / airlines who choose to work with us, so we wouldn’t comment on that except for saying that if you have any sort of competitive advantage over your competitors, iXiGO is a great channel to showcase it on.

    Finally – all we will say is, we look forward to working with you in the near future, because our users will love to see cleartrip within the results :-).

    Team iXiGO

  5. Hrush Says:

    Thanks for clearing that up guys.

    We don’t believe we need Ixigo to prove our competitive advantage.

    I guess we’ll just agree to disagree.

  6. Anant Ram Says:


    Funny to see ixigo and cleartrip washing their dirty linen in public.

    I use both of them by the way – they are the 2 best travel sites in India right now – unmatchable speed and usability 🙂

    Two comments:
    1) Cleartrip – your hotel interface is pretty cool but why dont I see cheap hotels ? Where are the 2-3 stars ?
    2) ixigo – You have done a great job with routing algorithms, but when can I see some kind of monthly fare chart like cleartrip has ?

    thanks guys,

  7. iXiGO.com Says:

    Hi Anant,

    Thanks for your compliments. We can tell you that we listen very closely to what our users demand, so stay tuned… :).

    Look forward to your continued support and feedback!

    Team iXiGO

  8. Rajiv Says:

    The verdict seems to be out on this one:


  9. Khushnood Says:

    Hi Dev,
    Since you have been extensively covering travel search and OTA sites, though you may also be interested to have a look our site http://www.90di.com .

    90DI finds a best way to travel within India between around 4000 places in India. We support more Air lines and all the airports in addition we do support all the stations too!

    We can show even routes which combine a flight and a train journey.

    Just as an example try searching for the following routes on http://www.90di.com/travel:

    1. From Bikaner (BIKANER JN – BKN(S) , in north-west) to Chennai in the (south-east)
    2. ALIGARH (in UP) to TRIVANDRUM (in Kerala)
    3. Delhi to Mysore ( MYSORE JN – MYS(S))
    And did we say, that you can see the routes displayed graphically on the India map! Just click on the ‘M’ shown on the route and see the route on the India map. It will also show all the stations you would cross as you travel by a specific route.
    4. If above are some of the routes to demonstrate the unique routing 90DI does. At the same time it can also do the more conventional. Just try out routes between: Mumbai to Delhi
    It also gets the latest seat availability and fare information in real-time, by connecting to the web sites of airlines and the Indian railways.

  10. Frequent Flier Says:

    Cleartrip is the best ! I love Cleartrip’s psyche that is very usability oriented.

    iXiGO is a very close second and if they launch cool stuff they might get ahead.

    90DI sucks

  11. indian Says:

    I think 90di rocks as they are improving a lot. Definitely the person who understands about travel space will know it.

    cleartrip hotel search is also very cool

    “the best”
    hotels- cleartrip
    train + flight – 90di

  12. Khushnood Says:

    Happy new year to you and you readers!

    Update on 90DI: We have released a “plan my trip” feature (trial version for now). Do check it out. Any feedback is most welcome.

  13. MagicCarpet Magic Carpet Says:

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  14. saana Says:

    I would like to clearly talk about my experience alone. I used to use ixigo quite freequently, recently I have found them to exceedingly slow!
    I am back using make my trip.com after several failures to load from ixigo. I dont think id ever get back to ixigo.

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