Airtel Mobile Office

Am trying to get my airtel mobile office work. After 3 days of continued efforts i still couldn’t figure out how to get this stuff to work.

This is what i believe is the flow

  • You need a phone which supports GPRS.
  • You need a sim which has the mobile office service enabled
  • You need to SMS Airtel (forgot the number) and you will receive the settings via SMS which you need to save. the settings can be viewed from Services->Settings->Connection Settings->MobileOffice.
  • If your phone supports IR or bluetooth you are saved. Otherwise you need to buy a data card DKU-2 or DKU-5 or CA-42 cable for your phone (genuine accessories – 1500 rupees. black market – 150 to 200 rupees. )
  • Install the drivers for the USB cable.
  • Install nokia pc suite
  • Go to start->control panel->phone and modem settings and ADD a new modem
    • Go to modems tab.
    • Click add 
    • Let me choose from list
    • Choose nokia and then choose the phone model or the nokia active phone cable
    • add
  • Now open pc suite and click on phone selecter. You should be able to see your phone model in the screen. If it is not showing then the modem is not installed properly. If it is greyed out, then you are using a noncompatible pc suite. Download the compatible one from nokia site (google nokia pc suite)

Now, i tried all the above and i finally got my phone to talk to my laptop. I could download messages from my phone to my laptop. My nokia pc suite correctly displays my phone number on its bottom. The tray icon shows the pc suite icons in full color without greyed out (ufff i rarely get to see this!) which means pc suite could talk to my phone.

But when i tried to connect to the internet, it tries and then says “failed to connect. ”

I wish i could email an Airtel Staff about this…because i couldnt explain everything over phone. Moreover the staff have become very nervous and consious about the fact that the call is being recorded. Today someone spoke to me and she was very clearly talking to the recording sytem than me “sir you asked about this and i gave you answers for that etc” kind of answers are clearly depicting that.


60 Responses to “Airtel Mobile Office”

  1. Aswini Says:

    Can you help me to connect via Mestro 100 modem? Basic AT command based connection. I am using Mobile Office of Airtel in Bangalore.

  2. Peter Pawan Says:

    After a month long experience of using the Airtel Mobile Office service, I can say for sure

    that Airtel happens to be one of the worst service providers in the country. The word

    “Mobile Office” refers to the non-existant fictional net connection provided to gullible

    customers at an exhorbitant price.

    The data transfer speed is below .5 kbps at any given time and a ping of

    produces 100% data loss. It is really strange that Airtel pompously announces that it has no

    data transfer limits when practically no data transfer happens at all.

    The Airtel customer support is a whole new experiance. When I complained that my Mobile

    Office connection is slow, the technical support person told me to wait for the send bytes

    count to reach 10000 before launching my browser.

    If it doesnt hit you in the face, this solution is just absurd. I know it because I am a

    technical support executive taking calls from the US. He could fool anybody with this, but

    not a guy like me who troubleshoots systems over the phone for a living. Well, I did try it

    out anyway, and as I expected – the send bytes count never goes above 5000 and also by this

    time, Airtel automatically disconnects me.

    The next time I called to complain, the Airtel support person asked me how much I paid for

    the connection and as soon as I replied, disconnected me! I have’nt been able to connect to

    Airtel Customer Service after that. I realise that it is ok to ban abusive customers, but

    banning irate customers who use proper language is unheard of. And all I wanted to ask was

    if I would get a proper net connection if I pay more.

    I do freelance writing for websites besides my steady job and I just lost a major project

    because I could not log on to my email account.

    I tried for about an hour in the evening trying to log on, repeatedly refreshing the page

    and waiting like an obsessed idiot wishing that my inbox would open up and show me the

    project requirements. When it did finally open, I found that my agent got sick of waiting

    for my acknowledgement on email and awarded the project to someone else.

    Hell, if you have 300 bucks to spend on something that doesnt work, Airtel Mobile Office is

    the thing for you! But, why dont change the 300 rupees into tens and burn it all? That would

    be more worthwhile.

    (So says the Raven, Cochin)

  3. SkiznOd Says:

    SMS MO to 646

  4. rahul Says:

    plz anbdy telll me the settings for w 550i airtel mobile office

  5. Karate Devang Says:

    Dear Friend

    pl. let me know how to set net connection from control panel for dial up for Airtel Mobile Office Setting to browse from PC

  6. hashim Says:

    plz send n72 mobile settings!

  7. Lydia Says:

    Hi all,
    I got an error 734:ppp link control protocol was teriminated while trying to connect to internet through mobile office. I called airtel technical support. they had me change the dial uup# to : *99***6*1# which eventually worked. Thank you

  8. Ritesh Says:

    i am trying to connect from my spice s-600 i am getting a n error message error no 734 ppp link protocol terminated, but when i m connecting from my nokia n-72 its a sucessful connection

  9. Ritesh Says:

    please send me spice s-600 settings

  10. prem5588 Says:

    Hi i have setting of all nokia, samsung, sony, htc, i mate, i phone (apple) O2, etc. mobile but i don’t have any setting of a chinese like ZTC
    anybody can tell me…..? m in trouble

  11. Raj Says:

    Hi , I have connected,the time also running but no website is opening,dnserror.htm is showing.please somebody help me .

  12. Airtel Mobile Talk Says:

    Airtel office gives good speed only in few not so congested areas!

  13. Capt KF Brainard Says:

    I am using Sony Erricson k500i mobile. GPRS is activated and i am getting internet connection on my hand set. While connect to pc using data cable dialing *99***1# i am not getting connected. Please tell me how to get connected to pc

    Thank you

  14. Arpit Says:

    I use a Nokia N95 to connect to inet through mobile office service provided by AIRTEL using my bluetooth device it was all doing right till day before yesterday but suddenly it gave an “error 734: PPP Link protocol was terminated” just after registering the system to the server I tried all that I know can any one give me tips.

  15. krishan gopal Says:

    i am using a MOTOROLA C390 MODEL for gprs but not got settings for last 6 months .please send me settings or please call me to manually edit settings please help me 9896371304

  16. Kiran Says:


    The first important thing is that if u want to access internet through airtel gprs using ur phone, you have to set up a network connection. When u try to dial up using that connection ur phone should not be accessible to nokia PC suite. In the connection manager of nokia PC suite u just have to deselect all the options. ur PC suite should show “phone disconnected”. Now if u have properly set up ur dial up connection, u will be able to connect to internet.

  17. Dilip Vegad Says:

    Hi all,
    I got an error 734:ppp link control protocol was teriminated while trying to connect to internet through mobile office. Just Change following the which eventually working. U should Try It.
    STEPs ::
    Control Panel => Phone and Modem Options => Modems => Select a modem which u installed => Properties => Advanced Properties => Extra Initilization Commands => Type (at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,””)
    JUST TRY IT…..
    Dilip Vegad

  18. Santosh Kumar Panda Says:

    Please send me the settings for Sony Ericsson Z550i settings for the same to my e-mail, i.e.

  19. prasad Says:

    i’m using airtel nop. i need office settings for nokia n 72 for sending and receiving emails directly by mobile. also need settings for video streaming settings for the same set

  20. prasad Says:

    setting wizards for nokia n 72 . i’m using airtel connection

  21. pranshu Says:

    this “sucks” guys!!!! Airtel gprs is the worst internet connection in the world… It’s giving me a download speed of “1 kb/s” and that too on rare occasions, otherwise below that… I can’t even open websites using this shit… I click on a link and then go somewhere for doing some work coz i know thats it’s gonna take this damn ” Airtel gprs ” around 20-30 minutes to finish loading the site….


    I’m gonna change this internet connection soon and my life would be much better.

  22. Sanjay Says:

    Unable to connect my pc to internet through airtel dialup gprs connection using nokia 6600.
    Cud u guide me step by step to connect my pc to the internet.

  23. MANIK ARYA Says:

    HI,IAM USING N-73 I Could Not Connect On Internet But When I change
    The Command Then I Can Connect The Internet AND Command Is—-
    (at+cgdcont=,”ip”,”). Thanks(ASTARA -VISTARA BABEY).

  24. Sid Says:


    I have gone through much of the trouble you folks have published here and can surely associate with the frustration. however i have some help for you.

    To get the mobile to work as a modem to get internet connection on a PC a few things must first be in place.

    1. Airtel mobile connection with GPRS enabeled
    2. Cellphone whith an inbuilt modem
    3. CD containing Mobile Modem drivers

    a) Check that the GPRS is working by accessing internet on the cellphone itself

    b) connect the mobile to the PC though data cabe , bluetooth or infrared

    c) install the mobile modem driver on the PC. If sucessful, you should see it listed in your devices. To check go to control pannel > phones and modem >

    d) through the control pannel> phone & modem> select the modem that you have just installed and go to properties > diaganostics > query modem . If the device is paired with the computer and working you will see some report published in the window.

    e) once you have ensured that the PC is communicating with the modem , go to the next tab which says “advanced” and in the extra initilization commands print{AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”” } without the { & } brackets. Save and close.

    f) Now set up a new dial up connection , selecting the newly installed modem. In this process if asked for a user name and password leave it black. When asked for a phone number put {*99***1#} without the { & }. Go through the process of creating this connection till the end.

    g) Now you are ready to use the newly created dial up connection. double click on the ikon for this connection and you are online .. whola 🙂

    Enjoy the mobile internet on your PC though airtel gprs ..

  25. rocky Says:

    airtel is a shit i am a professional hardware person i have been troubleshooting many cases of gprs connection of other services but yesterday there was an pc problem connecting to internet through bluetooth dongle i checked all the settings every thing was ok there was enough balance 3230 mobile bluetooth gprs enabled in the daily 15 rs scheme of airtel it has the mobile office as the acess point it gets connected in the mobile but when paired with the pc it gives an “error 734: PPP Link protocol was terminated” just after registering the system to the server I tried all that I know can any one help m i am in great mess and frustrated due to it

  26. Karthik Krishnan Says:

    hi everybody,

    can you anyone send me the setting for HP IPAQ (Windows Mobile) for Airtel Mobile Office.

  27. harshit Says:

    send me mobile office settings for nokia 7610 i have airtel connection

  28. anbujaya Says:

    dear friends pls any help for me .
    i am using nokia pc suit to connect internet thro my mobile Nokia 6630.
    But now i cant able to connect pc suit to my mobile .
    But other than 6630 models all able to connect
    i try all the way
    un instal pc suit and remove nokia folder .
    Still remaining that problem
    please help me.

  29. sandip chaudhari Says:

    I have been using airtel gprs since one year and satisfied with them. Speed is also good and I download near about 30 MB data per day.

    Probleme of your not connecting to the pc is about related to pc suit. If this happens one thing is doing restart the phone you will connect.

    I use NOP too its better for phone But last day when I send the message to NOPACT the responce says that ” This product is discunnested “, I call the custmer csre & ask about they say that this service is closed now. At the next moment I sent the message for the setting of NOP , They sent me the NOP setting…….

    If the service is closed why they they send me setting I totally confussing………………

  30. Rahul Rado Says:

    Yeah, keep blaming Airtel for a pathetic service.

    The speeds really depend on your phone. Dont expect anything from a GPRS connection, i’m using a Nokia 5300 (EDGE enabled).

    I’m using Airtel NOP on my computer ‘n i’m pretty satisfied.

    Dont use Mobile Office if you dont have an EDGE phone.

    Use NOP, I get Browsing speed of 4KBytes/s with 3-4 pages.

    However downloading speeds are decent with 9-12 KBytes/s.

    1 prob though… you cant download files with size more than 3MB… at a go…

  31. antoni Says:

    hi..i’m using sony ericsson k750i….i’d like to trasfer my messages fron my phone to pc?does anyone knows how?a program or something?

  32. prashant Says:

    airtel mobile office automatic disconnecting within 1 min help plz

  33. jashan Says:

    hi i am usiong a hummer h-t handset can anyone send me the settings fr this set. i have activated mobile office of airtel on it but i have not recieved setings till now. plzz help me
    my no is 9915588124

  34. ankur Says:

    can you tell me which is the most cheapest
    way to use free internet i mean a good cheap
    internet provider

  35. tito cheriachan Says:

    hello all…after reading the comments above..i felt pretty sad for an airtel GPRS user since two years.I had no problem in setting up a connection or speeds. please keep in mind tat u pay 250rs for gprs.who gives net for lower price than that.The problem is some people connect the mobile office to computer and try loading heavy pages.It wont give u the result as expected.
    for me airtel is the most reliable service in kerala.i use n70..i configured Mobile office using the settings wizard.and i connect using pc suite in my PC.The speed depends on the tower traffic alone.If the tower is havng low traffic u get high speeds.the saying goes like this,airtel mobile office is not for heavy usage.Its intended for browsing on low data intensive devices like a phone.Still I am using mobile office to the maximum and im vry happy about it.This is the best connection u can get in india now i guess.
    Read how i make use of my gprs on airtel in my blog

  36. suresh kk Says:

    please send me nokia N-gage QD mobile AIRTEL mobile office GPRS setting

  37. Vrundav Says:

    I fully agree with Mr. Peter Pawan.
    I have been using Airtel Mobile Office from a long time, but the speed I get was never more than 0.5 Kbps. And that is the reason they say unlimited upload/download, which actually is never taking place at all.
    Even takes 5 mins to load forget about other flash based sites.
    After fiddling with some websites, ur patience get tested to such an extent that last thing will be on ur mind will be surfing the net via Mobile Office.
    Also, calling up the customer support is the worst nightmare where BA BCom dropouts are recruited to handle technical problems. After calling just 2-3 times the customer support guys will just hang up the call in between, leaving u in the middle of nowhere.
    If some one takes the initiative to petition Airtel for this kind of pathetic service then I ll be the first one to support him.

  38. sangeet Says:

    plz. mail. & send Mobile office St.

  39. dinesh mantri Says:

    nop connect hasse bt page khulse na ken. Any1 plz help me 9800972841

  40. naidu abhi ...rulzz... Says:

    people……check this common prob of mobile office out…..

    i got a “”734:ppp link control protocol was teriminated while trying to connect to internet through mobile office.”” sucks this error yea..!!!!
    here is your solution 2 all this…errors….
    go 2 Control Panel => Phone and Modem Options => Modems => Select a modem which u installed => Properties => Advanced Properties => Extra Initilization Commands => Type at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,””

    well this works better than those sick customer care people of airtel !!!!

  41. reddy Says:

    Airtel is really a shit. i am an mcse and tried airtel mobile office. when i tried to connect, i could not succeed. when i called the customer executive, they told my operating system is corrupted…..
    Try reliance if u want a reliable connection with ur laptop.

  42. sangeeth Says:

    hi i’m using O2 XDA mini II pocket pc mobile ..m not able to activate mobile office so could you pls tell me how do activate this

  43. Vijay Sharma Says:

    unbilled amount dekhne k liye *121*12# aadhe gante tak try karte raho…
    airtel live ki settings k liye.. 100 se bhi jyada bar sms kardiye lekin aay he nahi.

    vijay sharma
    jaipur, rajasthan

  44. vikram Says:

    i used nokia 5300 whith Airtel gprs .But my Internet Speed has whery Low…………………………………..
    can U send me How to increase my gprs speed………………..

  45. gfjhhgd Says:

    😉 😉

  46. manpreet Says:

    i used nokia 3110 mobile & i using airtel connection how can i drive internet on my mobile plz tell me

  47. husain k Says:

    I want nop settings for nokia 6630 to connect my mobile to pc for accessing internet on pc from my nokia 6630 using nop service pls give me whole procedure or sms me on my cell 9903819079

  48. Shiju.A.L Says:

    I am using micromax X511 handset, mobile office is active on my airtel SIM, still I cant browse in my handset X511. Since Micromax X511 is a chinees model phone, I did not got settings through sms.Here I kindly request you to provide all the neccessary informations to creat the connection settings manually, my mail ID is make the response as quickly as possible.
    Waiting for your reply

  49. johney Says:


    hello to all, i have been using mobile office from last july,
    its quite slow,
    airtel customer support is worst of all operators.
    they dont have transperancy,
    it will make you commit sucide one day.
    i dont why airtel claims to be number one operator in india.

  50. johney Says:


    hello to all, i have been using mobile office from last july,
    its quite slow,
    airtel customer support is worst of all operators.
    they dont have transperancy,
    it will make you commit sucide one day.
    i dont why airtel claims to be number one operator in india

  51. ken Says:

    i’ve been using airtel mob office for quite some time now. and it’s not as bad as it is projected .. gives a decent speed (for a dial-up) .. 115 kbps on an avg .. but may be this is cos i’m surrounded by about 7-8 towers .. lol

  52. sumit Says:


    i am sumit well i am having a problem in server or other thing i dont know dude……….. but the problem is that when i connect to the airtel sever well it work nice lie but after some thing one error occur that is packet data closed by network ……………………. after that again i have to connect to net,……………… well i am in M.P …………….pls some one help me out……………..

  53. ravi Says:

    plz give me the real player streadming settings for watching youtube videos in my n95 using airtel in india through nop

  54. vicky Says:

    hi all , i am in trouble with my mobile office , it stop working after uploading data is abt 1 mb then i have to disconnect it n reconnect . i need to reconnect it in 10-15 min everytime. plzzzzz help me ………………

  55. sridhar Says:

    Hi guys,

    This is sridhar, and am new to this forum. I am using internet through airtel gprs. I stay at Thane(west), Mumbai. I am having a problem when i am connecting my phone to net, it shows a error mesage as ‘PACKET DATA CONNECTION CLOSED BY NEWORK’….Can any one resolve this problem please…… fow which I will be very glad to you.

    Thanks in advance…. waiting for your reply……byee

  56. ranjeet Says:

    hello friends i am from bihar using airtel mobile office unlimited gprs connection i,e; mobile office my proble is i get speed less than 1kbps.
    plz help me speed up even if i can get 5-15kbps i would be thank ful.
    reply me at

  57. fernaaz Says:


  58. Sandeep tiwari Says:

    hello, all users of airtel. let me know all of u use the internet via airtel office or not, if yes, then it will be good, if no, then stop going to the cyber cafey and use 24 hrs. free by using airtel mobile office while u pay Rs. 20 for a whole day. i use samsung moble to connect the internet and stopped going outside. this is less expensive and more usefull. ………………………………………………..thanks airtel

  59. gaurav Says:

    hi yar mere mo. pe net chal to raha hai but speed hai 160/kbps plsssssssssssssssssssssss help

  60. Vivek Says:

    Hi, i m planning to buy Micromax X511 phone, can sumone tell me abt it, for example abt its price, its quality, its performance in all aspect of mobile phone, music, camera etc etc. i will b highly thankful to u as it will make me decide whether i should buy it or not. u can also reply bak at my email, byeeeeeeeeee

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