Oh baby we just released OpManager MSP Edition

How sweet. As a company it took us several attempts to offer a solid product catering to the MSP (Managed Service Provider) market. It was a technology challenge (probe-server concept working behind firewall over HTTPS) as well a marketing challenge (pricing, positioning it for VARs and System Integrators). Moments back we released our MSP Edition of OpManager and the software is available for trial download at http://msp.opmanager.com. Its a great pleasure that am part of the team that cracked that year long puzzle.

On the flip side, for another 3-4 months we will be facing a support nightmare having to respond to customer round the clock with some of them tearing us apart as they put our software to some real hardcore real-time testing. But thats just part of the life of a software !!! and the most interesting one too. Let me see how good we fair against this challenge.

MSP OpManager


One Response to “Oh baby we just released OpManager MSP Edition”

  1. Stefano Says:

    Definitly good. This is the necessary step for a software for medium and large enterprises. I’ll test it ASAP.

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