AdventNet Fun Project

Sridhar, our CEO, is a freedom loving guy and hence he advocates people to always try something that their heart wishes; and thus was born the AdventNet Fun Project idea. This enables any AdventNet employee to try something during specifc office days. The fun project can range anything from getting your hands dirty on a hardware engineering to a simple bulk mail tool such as the one i did (worst example for a fun project?).

Tool Name: MyContacts
What it does?: You can import your contacts email id from an excel/text file and then shoot a HTML email to them.
Build on: PHP, some scripts, apache, mysql


[thats my tool…simple isnt it? you need to login, then import your contact, browse and submit your html file, preview the mail, then shoot to all]
Bulk Mail Sample

[thats one of the sample mail that was sent using my tool…howzaaat?]


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