Email tricks #1 – Let your first line speak

I have a passion for writing emails that work. I take extra care while replying and try to convey it in the SHORTEST possible time. If you are in a profession that involves lot of emails (customer support, marketing, marcom) you might find this useful. Here’s my email trick #1.

Email trick #1: Cut the crap and let you first line speak

You need to understand that human mind just scans the content and in many cases doesn’t even READ the mail. Moreover you are replying to the busiest person in the world (everybody thinks he is the busiest!) so better take lesser time. Here’s a reply that i got today from Zoho Creator (online tool that lets you build form based applications in notime) team for a  request i made.

The reply from zoho creator:

Dear Dev,

Thanks for your feedbacks on Zoho Creator and it really helps us in improving Zoho Creator. Regarding Export option for data, we are already working on it and this will be available in next immediate update. You can export data to some standard file formats like xls,csv,tsv.


The reply after applying the email trick #1

Its coming! You will be able to export your data to excel from next release onwards.



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