Meteor-like fireball over texas skies

February 16, 2009

I think the radiator of some alien’s UFO got heated up and went in smokes…  may be he was looking at the people running below and failed to water the radiator.


Mahindra drops Ohio assembling plan

February 15, 2009

Good to see a mahindra pickup truck in US but i think its the global recession that has forced mahindra to drop its ohio assembling option and build the trucks in india.


Plane crashes into home killing 50

February 13, 2009

Last month we saw a plan landing on hudson river but this month another one landed on a house in buffalo near niagara airport exploding into a big fire ball killing everyone on board. So sad.


US car cos sales 50% down

February 8, 2009

2009 January car sales in US is not so exciting. People are staying away from chrysler, ford, and general motors. Even toyota sales is 30% down year on year.


How strong is your car roof?

February 7, 2009

US car cos might have to strengthen their car roofs to hold upto 2.5 times the car weight from the current 1.5 times. According to a study conducted by International Institue of Highway Standards in Virginia, such higher standards could bring down fatalities on a single roll over by 20%. I wonder how strong the cars in india are. The old opel astra we had had a strong roof good enough for my nephews to run over that… but i never allowed them to even press their hands against the roof of my maruti suzuki zen… so strong !!


1744 shipwreck found

February 4, 2009

Odyssey, a Tampa based underwater exploration company has found the wreck of a famous British warship called HMS Victory which sank in 1744 with 900 crew and 4 tons of gold coins. I love such explorations and Odyssey is the only company that does this. My best wishes for them to find the Sussex, a British warship that sank in 1694 with coins worth billions of dollars !!


Audi Quattro Q7 spotted in satyam cinemas

January 25, 2009

Was there at satyam cinemas today to watch slumdog millionaire (what a movie!) and what caught my eye was this…an Audi Quattro Q7. This car costs approx 72 lakhs, comes in 350bhp petrol and 233bhp diesel variants. Audi sold a million cars in 2008 beating recession and in india it helps differentiate millionaires from the rest !!.


Dacia Sandero

January 25, 2009

Mahindra is planning to bring-in the 5 door hatchback dacia sandero (based on the dacia logan) to india and yes it will be badged as Renault Sandero here. This car could give the i20s and swifts a good fight provided its priced right. Folks at mahindra-renault screwed up the pricing of logan and paid a heavy pricing with declining sales hope they don’t repeat it with sandero.


Mahindra Xylo – ugly beast

January 24, 2009

Its one lakh cheaper than Toyota Innova, but did you look at it head-on? I saw that today and i think it was damn ugly. Looked like a ICML rhino at first shot. The grille position was so small, so low, and was clearly out of place. I think Mahindra designers worked at this car from the back and finished the front design in a hurry ..the back looks good though.


Obama’s Cadillac

January 22, 2009

General Motors built this monster car for Obama’s presidential inaugration day. This cadillac based limosine is bigger than it looks. Check the size of the secret agent against the car !!


2012 – End of the world?

January 22, 2009

Just google for 2012 and you will find stories such as Nibiru – an unknown planet that might hit earth and an alignment between earth,sun, and center of milkyway galaxy on dec21, 2012 – both believed to cause numerous earth changes. Lets wait and see what happens. Sony is cashing on these stories with a movie titled 2012


Newyork plane crashes into hudson river

January 16, 2009

CNN reports that the plane was hit by a flock of birds causing engine failure and forcing the pilot to (brilliantly) land the plan on the hudson river after his attempt to fly till the nearest new jersey airport failed. 

Edit: I didnt realize it until my friend told me – we both have travelled on the same airways from north carolina to new jersy crossing the very same hudson….wow !!


What can you buy with $50billion?

January 10, 2009

If those are US dollars you can even buy a country, but if thats a single $50billion dollar zimbabwe note, which the country is planning to release soon, you can buy just two loaves of bread. God i pity this country. Please help them.


Mitsubishi miev – wonderful electric car

January 9, 2009

It looks like our Nano but its a japanese electric car made by Mitsubishi. Runs on lithium-ion battery (yeah the same one that powers your cameras and mobile phones nowadays) with max speed of 81mph and range of 100miles.


2.6 million US jobs lost in 2008

January 9, 2009

This year US witnessed the second biggest job loss since world war II. Sadly 1.9 million jobs were lost in just 4 months after the september collapse.


UFO hits UK wind turbine

January 8, 2009

Ah they strike again … UFOs have hit a wind turbine in london breaking one of the turbines arms. You still think aliens don’t exist ? 


Kumarakom – God’s land of wall papers

September 14, 2008

I think when God is not working his computer would be automatically zoomed to kumarakom to serve as screensaver. Here are some photos taken during our MSP Center team trip (click on the image)

Big Bang Experiment Hacked Momentarily

September 13, 2008

Though i didnt understand what they are trying with this experiment, it seems to be quite an effort.  Two beams of particles travlling inside a 17 mile circular tunnel at near light speeds in full vaccum guided by magnetic fields, generated by huge magnets of 15meters length operated at super chill temperature of -271 degree c matching outerspace, finally collide with each other.  This collision will be watched by four big machines with an anticipation that there will be some new particles emitted during collision. The new particle could explain the evidence of more than three-dimensions of space. Reminds me of the movie The Golden Compass where they show parallel universes being connected with DUST.  

Well they did all that but forgot that someone could hack the system like this. See report from telegraph.

Its a fabia..its a spark….no its Indica Vista !

September 9, 2008

Well if you have been confused with what hatchback to buy, may be you should simply buy the new Indica Vista. Because no matter how many times you explain, people are going to think that you bought a spark, may be a getz, or even a fabia depending on from which side they look at your car. Jokes apart – two serious reasons to consider this car 1) the diesel engine is the same fiet multijet which powers swift diesel 2) this car aint coming in white color so you won’t feel like driving a cab !!!



Shopping with camera mobile

June 21, 2008

Camera mobiles are creating an interesting shift in the way we do shopping. They give you an opportunity to picture yourself on different dresses and accessories before you make a purchase. Snap couple of pics and then compare (which the good old mirror failed to provide).